Monday, June 27, 2011

Friday June 3, 2011

I was in a hotel like area. At first it was all about Bri, Joey and me. I might have been visiting them. I know I went to a restaurant/diner/burger joint at some point with some people and I was trying to find something to eat late at night. (I know, random as hell)

So anyways, I leave the room to go somewhere out. It was actually kind of confusing what happened afterwards. I know I wasn't in a good state. I might have passed out somewhere or idk.

Second part dealt with coming back to the room to gather all my stuff. I think that's why I went out in the first place: I was working on my Misa stuff. I know I came back with the skirt, and the shirts on already worn. I might have worn cat ears, too. xD I hear from behind Georgia saying how cute I looked. I turned around and I see her whole family. I think we, as a family, were going out for dinner or it might have just been Bri, me and Joey and possibly my parents doing something else as well as Debbie. I said bye to the family, and Georgia and Yianni made it seem like they were going to leave forever, which made no sense.

I don't know, it didn't seem like it was Georgia's family. More like Johanna's.

I mean if I was thinking of a convention, it would seem more like a convention with hoteling so there was a purpose that we were there. Just don't know what it was. I honestly can't remember what I did went out. I know I think I went into a store, and I am having trouble remembering it as well reading into it. I've been trying to get Misa done for AnimeNEXT and recently I got all garments for it. I just need the wig (which I will be getting today) and thinks should clear up after that. My mom talked to me about Georgia and John, and problems they've had. It was yesterday where they got into a disagreement, because she never asks his permission to be able to invite her family to their trip to Florida (she has done that last year and will do it again this year). I mean I don't understand why she can't go with him and their friends, and have a good time. Sure, it's great to be family orientated, but come on have fun with your boyfriend! So yeah and then she called our family unreliable, and all this crap. So idk I think there was that tension there. I mean my opinion of her is still eh, so I guess that's why she complimented me and seemed nice. It was funny, a lot of people recognized, but I didn't. I might have thought it was Joey's family because they didn't look Greek, and it's been hard for her family for a while. Her grandma is slowly dying, so she will be having people.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wednesday June 1, 2011

Ed and I were talking about something serious, I can't recall what though.

I think I was driving around in a comfortable and I was also the passenger.O.O (I don't even remember typing this out. Not sure what it means ;-;)

Stephen had something to do with the dream this time. I can't remember x.x

I know I was at Iona at some point, and I was talking to Asheligh about something.

I was also up at hq at some point as well.

At one moment, I was wondering around Iona. I met this guy, who was really into me, but I didn't say anything. Jose and I were trying to find a certain place (so maybe it wasn't at Iona; it didn't look like it.) We found this small gym, and I told him I don't recall ever seeing this. (So maybe it was at Iona!) There were people lined up against the wall, sitting, and there were other people sitting on a carpet a few feet away. The gym person (who apparently knew me from somewhere else; can't remember) was encouraging us to join. I didn't, because I had sandals and I just wanted to pass through. Jose wanted to stay. So I decided to wait with every one else for him. The guy that liked me was there, and he turned around, winked at me or said something and turned back. The girl next to me was telling me how he liked me a lot, and I couldn't stop smiling, but I was with Ed so it was just like "Okay thank you for the praise, but that's it."

I know at some point (probably beforehand) I might have been in Greece, because it was me, my mom, grandma and Briana at the beach. The tides were coming, and we went in and were waiting for the waves, to jump and swim. In orange big letters it said "Dive down" or something along those lines. So I held my breath under water, fearing the wave was very big that it would sweep me away. It was really weird.

I am not really sure why I dreamed about a guy liking me. I guess it's because I still like the attention I get from guys even though I am not single, still. It's funny because I started summer class today, and I met this guy kind of similar looking to the guy in my dream. Either way, it was interesting to be at Iona and not to be at the same time. o.o For the last part of my dream, I felt like there was a direct reference to when I was a kid. (I also miss Greece and want to get a tan this summer!) As a kid, I used to play with the waves and such, and my brother had to save me twice by making me go underwater or else bad things could have happened so sometimes I get scared. It's random that this came into my dream, though. xD

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Monday May 30, 2011

First part was concerning an Executioner. I think I was trying to dodge him, and all of a sudden I had a bat with me O.O I think my dad was part of this as well.

Second part I decided to split into all different parts (because I mean really there was a different storyline for everything that I dreamed). I know by the end of this dream, reapers were a big thing. (I guess that's why initially I called the first part Executioner and second part Reapers.)

At some point, I was meeting up with my friend, Mario and he was coming over to my house. Outside my house was apparently a huge ass parking lot (Wait...that's not right >.>). Before he arrived, I took my car and went to park it near the entrance. I get out of the vehicle for a short amount of time because I see Mario (who I think parked outside the parking lot O.O). He was baffled when I told him that I was just parking my car. So I told him to go on without me, and he did. I went back to my "car" and I was trying to get the keys out of the ignition from the back seat and was trying so desperately to turn everything off, but it was really dark so I couldn't see.

I ended up realizing I was in the wrong car. The sounds I heard from my car were distant, and I was being really stupid about it. Why the fuck would there be another car right next to mine is beyond me. It was Rudy's car..although Rudy does not have a car! (So bizarre!) His car was a van. (Can't remember the brand or so). I found something that made me remember that I hid something in his car before with possibly Dillon? (That wouldn't make sense because I never see either of them and I am aware I am still not friends with Rudy at this point.) It was like a bag of I took that back because I wanted it. I also found a card that Rudy bought for me, and he somehow obtained back when he gave it to me and even added more (like it was really cool because it kept extending) saying that he missed me. I was looking at the card for a while, and it made me really sad. :( I wanted to find him so badly to tell him everything was okay.

Third part: I made it to a lunch area, that was similar to Spellman from Iona. I think it was supposed to be Spellman. I saw this guy, who I was acquainted to before and he was really sad because he was trying to make conversation with people, and they flat out ignored him. I was too busy trying to figure out what to eat, and he joined me in line and I guess it seemed like we were going to eat together. Instead of going to a booth that was empty, we went into a booth that was with other people. Scary Movie 2 was on the TV. (This was random part)

Fourth part: At some point, I was downstairs in the kitchen eating strawberries (funny I felt like I ate way too many strawberries that day...although I had strawberries yesterday). My mom told me my brother, Kostas, got married. o.o The conversation was very casual. She mentioned something, and then I guess I asked her why Kostas would need that, and she told me. My eyes widened and I ran upstairs to go online to tell I think Stephen and def. Briana about it.

Fifth part: I felt by the end of the dream, I was like in Resident Evil 5. It was I think Bri and me as well as Jessica. We were trying to secure something. Our inventory was just like RE5 on how it was opened; it was kind of not questionable. XD I think I was using a wii mote for accomplishing. I know I was controlling STARS Chris Redfield, but I was still me. (Like having the rocket launcher and such. Though, I had a rifle and Chris does not o.o). There was this guy, who clearly seemed like he was I guess infected and told us to go on. Thing is he seemed perfectly fine, but I just knew it. I think he was holding back someone else. We proceeded forward, and at the pit of my stomach I knew the reapers were going to show up at any minute. So I tried to prepare and I was having a hard time remembering how to switch weapons. I knew Chris' rounds that he had for the grenade launcher weren't going to be the best but apparently I had two grenade launchers (with different rounds in each). Since flash works best on the reapers. I don't know we somehow went from one place to another and then chased after something. That's all I can remember for this part.

So yeah, I need to stop doing whatever I am doing late at night >.> This was basically all about Resident Evil. I've been playing a lot of RE5 online with friends or alone. I mean even the part with Rudy and Dillon...I met them as Resident Evil cosplayers and I've been thinking about them a lot lately since AnimeNEXT is drawing near. I am also thinking about Iona, and what my brother is really doing these days with his life. He's a very private person, so who knows if one day he meets someone and doesn't tell me until like 5 months later. I mean, technically I am doing that with my boyfriend as well >.> But yeah that last part was pretty sick: me with my girlies :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Friday May 27, 2011

Part 1: AnimeNEXT was the main concentration of the dream. We checked into our rooms and such. I saw Elissa and Chantel and such for a little while and I have no clue where they went after that. I don't know where Jessica nor Chantel's friend was, either. I hung around the hotel a lot for some reason. (Crowne Plaza apparently was part of the con as well, but in reality it wasn't.) It was weird, because later on that night, I saw Ed and followed him into his room and he was depressed. He was crying, and when I asked him what was wrong, he told me that Stephen and Jason were treating him badly. I comforted him, and tried to convince him that the rave was going to be fun, but he was "tired." He apologized and was like "I'm sorry, it's probably around 9." I checked my phone: 10:00. I sighed and left him to be, and went to go change for the rave. My hair was crazy; all over the place. So I had to fix that quickly. I also couldn't find anyone or so in the hotel room or throughout the con, so I felt like I was going to have to go to the rave by myself and find someone to dance with.

I think this could be one of my insecurities: That no one would want to do anything fun with me during the con or I won't be able to find anyone (which was the case at Anime Boston). Anime Boston wasn't the worst this year, I just couldn't enjoy it as much as previous years. I felt like I had to do things by myself. With the thought that AnimeNEXT is a smaller con, it's easier to keep in mind that I can find people easily compared to Boston. I went to the first rave by myself last year and met up with a friend, who I met online at the time. I still had fun regardless, but with the problems I have now with certain cosplayers, I just want to show them that I can fun without them.

Part 2: I can't remember anything else, but the fact that I realized (around Saturday night of the con) that I am missing my wigs. The weirdest part of this whole dream (besides the fact that Edwin was acting all out of character) was my hair was blond...RANDOMLY. I even noticed this in my dream, and I was telling myself 'How the hell can I do Haruhi with blond hair?!' My Luna wig wasn't there nor my Jill wig (since I wanted to cosplay RE with my friends). I called up my mom and I knew exactly what to tell her for the location of the Jill wig (which is used for Haruhi as well), but I was trying to tell her about the Luna wig (which I used for AB so I thougth it was in one of those bags). I am not sure what my mother's answer was, but I was thinking I could still cosplay for the rest of Sunday.

This is just telling me that I am worried about not getting things done on time. Especially cosplay. Yesterday, I was telling myself (since I was talking to Ed + Jason about AN) to pack early and be sure everything gets done in time, which I haven't been doing. A little less than 2 weeks left....

The rest of the dream during part 1 and part 2 was wondering around and somehow ending back to the con (which did not look like the Garden State Exhibit or Somerset, NJ).