Sunday, June 5, 2011

Monday May 30, 2011

First part was concerning an Executioner. I think I was trying to dodge him, and all of a sudden I had a bat with me O.O I think my dad was part of this as well.

Second part I decided to split into all different parts (because I mean really there was a different storyline for everything that I dreamed). I know by the end of this dream, reapers were a big thing. (I guess that's why initially I called the first part Executioner and second part Reapers.)

At some point, I was meeting up with my friend, Mario and he was coming over to my house. Outside my house was apparently a huge ass parking lot (Wait...that's not right >.>). Before he arrived, I took my car and went to park it near the entrance. I get out of the vehicle for a short amount of time because I see Mario (who I think parked outside the parking lot O.O). He was baffled when I told him that I was just parking my car. So I told him to go on without me, and he did. I went back to my "car" and I was trying to get the keys out of the ignition from the back seat and was trying so desperately to turn everything off, but it was really dark so I couldn't see.

I ended up realizing I was in the wrong car. The sounds I heard from my car were distant, and I was being really stupid about it. Why the fuck would there be another car right next to mine is beyond me. It was Rudy's car..although Rudy does not have a car! (So bizarre!) His car was a van. (Can't remember the brand or so). I found something that made me remember that I hid something in his car before with possibly Dillon? (That wouldn't make sense because I never see either of them and I am aware I am still not friends with Rudy at this point.) It was like a bag of I took that back because I wanted it. I also found a card that Rudy bought for me, and he somehow obtained back when he gave it to me and even added more (like it was really cool because it kept extending) saying that he missed me. I was looking at the card for a while, and it made me really sad. :( I wanted to find him so badly to tell him everything was okay.

Third part: I made it to a lunch area, that was similar to Spellman from Iona. I think it was supposed to be Spellman. I saw this guy, who I was acquainted to before and he was really sad because he was trying to make conversation with people, and they flat out ignored him. I was too busy trying to figure out what to eat, and he joined me in line and I guess it seemed like we were going to eat together. Instead of going to a booth that was empty, we went into a booth that was with other people. Scary Movie 2 was on the TV. (This was random part)

Fourth part: At some point, I was downstairs in the kitchen eating strawberries (funny I felt like I ate way too many strawberries that day...although I had strawberries yesterday). My mom told me my brother, Kostas, got married. o.o The conversation was very casual. She mentioned something, and then I guess I asked her why Kostas would need that, and she told me. My eyes widened and I ran upstairs to go online to tell I think Stephen and def. Briana about it.

Fifth part: I felt by the end of the dream, I was like in Resident Evil 5. It was I think Bri and me as well as Jessica. We were trying to secure something. Our inventory was just like RE5 on how it was opened; it was kind of not questionable. XD I think I was using a wii mote for accomplishing. I know I was controlling STARS Chris Redfield, but I was still me. (Like having the rocket launcher and such. Though, I had a rifle and Chris does not o.o). There was this guy, who clearly seemed like he was I guess infected and told us to go on. Thing is he seemed perfectly fine, but I just knew it. I think he was holding back someone else. We proceeded forward, and at the pit of my stomach I knew the reapers were going to show up at any minute. So I tried to prepare and I was having a hard time remembering how to switch weapons. I knew Chris' rounds that he had for the grenade launcher weren't going to be the best but apparently I had two grenade launchers (with different rounds in each). Since flash works best on the reapers. I don't know we somehow went from one place to another and then chased after something. That's all I can remember for this part.

So yeah, I need to stop doing whatever I am doing late at night >.> This was basically all about Resident Evil. I've been playing a lot of RE5 online with friends or alone. I mean even the part with Rudy and Dillon...I met them as Resident Evil cosplayers and I've been thinking about them a lot lately since AnimeNEXT is drawing near. I am also thinking about Iona, and what my brother is really doing these days with his life. He's a very private person, so who knows if one day he meets someone and doesn't tell me until like 5 months later. I mean, technically I am doing that with my boyfriend as well >.> But yeah that last part was pretty sick: me with my girlies :)

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