Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Friday May 27, 2011

Part 1: AnimeNEXT was the main concentration of the dream. We checked into our rooms and such. I saw Elissa and Chantel and such for a little while and I have no clue where they went after that. I don't know where Jessica nor Chantel's friend was, either. I hung around the hotel a lot for some reason. (Crowne Plaza apparently was part of the con as well, but in reality it wasn't.) It was weird, because later on that night, I saw Ed and followed him into his room and he was depressed. He was crying, and when I asked him what was wrong, he told me that Stephen and Jason were treating him badly. I comforted him, and tried to convince him that the rave was going to be fun, but he was "tired." He apologized and was like "I'm sorry, it's probably around 9." I checked my phone: 10:00. I sighed and left him to be, and went to go change for the rave. My hair was crazy; all over the place. So I had to fix that quickly. I also couldn't find anyone or so in the hotel room or throughout the con, so I felt like I was going to have to go to the rave by myself and find someone to dance with.

I think this could be one of my insecurities: That no one would want to do anything fun with me during the con or I won't be able to find anyone (which was the case at Anime Boston). Anime Boston wasn't the worst this year, I just couldn't enjoy it as much as previous years. I felt like I had to do things by myself. With the thought that AnimeNEXT is a smaller con, it's easier to keep in mind that I can find people easily compared to Boston. I went to the first rave by myself last year and met up with a friend, who I met online at the time. I still had fun regardless, but with the problems I have now with certain cosplayers, I just want to show them that I can fun without them.

Part 2: I can't remember anything else, but the fact that I realized (around Saturday night of the con) that I am missing my wigs. The weirdest part of this whole dream (besides the fact that Edwin was acting all out of character) was my hair was blond...RANDOMLY. I even noticed this in my dream, and I was telling myself 'How the hell can I do Haruhi with blond hair?!' My Luna wig wasn't there nor my Jill wig (since I wanted to cosplay RE with my friends). I called up my mom and I knew exactly what to tell her for the location of the Jill wig (which is used for Haruhi as well), but I was trying to tell her about the Luna wig (which I used for AB so I thougth it was in one of those bags). I am not sure what my mother's answer was, but I was thinking I could still cosplay for the rest of Sunday.

This is just telling me that I am worried about not getting things done on time. Especially cosplay. Yesterday, I was telling myself (since I was talking to Ed + Jason about AN) to pack early and be sure everything gets done in time, which I haven't been doing. A little less than 2 weeks left....

The rest of the dream during part 1 and part 2 was wondering around and somehow ending back to the con (which did not look like the Garden State Exhibit or Somerset, NJ).

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