Monday, June 27, 2011

Friday June 3, 2011

I was in a hotel like area. At first it was all about Bri, Joey and me. I might have been visiting them. I know I went to a restaurant/diner/burger joint at some point with some people and I was trying to find something to eat late at night. (I know, random as hell)

So anyways, I leave the room to go somewhere out. It was actually kind of confusing what happened afterwards. I know I wasn't in a good state. I might have passed out somewhere or idk.

Second part dealt with coming back to the room to gather all my stuff. I think that's why I went out in the first place: I was working on my Misa stuff. I know I came back with the skirt, and the shirts on already worn. I might have worn cat ears, too. xD I hear from behind Georgia saying how cute I looked. I turned around and I see her whole family. I think we, as a family, were going out for dinner or it might have just been Bri, me and Joey and possibly my parents doing something else as well as Debbie. I said bye to the family, and Georgia and Yianni made it seem like they were going to leave forever, which made no sense.

I don't know, it didn't seem like it was Georgia's family. More like Johanna's.

I mean if I was thinking of a convention, it would seem more like a convention with hoteling so there was a purpose that we were there. Just don't know what it was. I honestly can't remember what I did went out. I know I think I went into a store, and I am having trouble remembering it as well reading into it. I've been trying to get Misa done for AnimeNEXT and recently I got all garments for it. I just need the wig (which I will be getting today) and thinks should clear up after that. My mom talked to me about Georgia and John, and problems they've had. It was yesterday where they got into a disagreement, because she never asks his permission to be able to invite her family to their trip to Florida (she has done that last year and will do it again this year). I mean I don't understand why she can't go with him and their friends, and have a good time. Sure, it's great to be family orientated, but come on have fun with your boyfriend! So yeah and then she called our family unreliable, and all this crap. So idk I think there was that tension there. I mean my opinion of her is still eh, so I guess that's why she complimented me and seemed nice. It was funny, a lot of people recognized, but I didn't. I might have thought it was Joey's family because they didn't look Greek, and it's been hard for her family for a while. Her grandma is slowly dying, so she will be having people.

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