Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wednesday June 1, 2011

Ed and I were talking about something serious, I can't recall what though.

I think I was driving around in a comfortable and I was also the passenger.O.O (I don't even remember typing this out. Not sure what it means ;-;)

Stephen had something to do with the dream this time. I can't remember x.x

I know I was at Iona at some point, and I was talking to Asheligh about something.

I was also up at hq at some point as well.

At one moment, I was wondering around Iona. I met this guy, who was really into me, but I didn't say anything. Jose and I were trying to find a certain place (so maybe it wasn't at Iona; it didn't look like it.) We found this small gym, and I told him I don't recall ever seeing this. (So maybe it was at Iona!) There were people lined up against the wall, sitting, and there were other people sitting on a carpet a few feet away. The gym person (who apparently knew me from somewhere else; can't remember) was encouraging us to join. I didn't, because I had sandals and I just wanted to pass through. Jose wanted to stay. So I decided to wait with every one else for him. The guy that liked me was there, and he turned around, winked at me or said something and turned back. The girl next to me was telling me how he liked me a lot, and I couldn't stop smiling, but I was with Ed so it was just like "Okay thank you for the praise, but that's it."

I know at some point (probably beforehand) I might have been in Greece, because it was me, my mom, grandma and Briana at the beach. The tides were coming, and we went in and were waiting for the waves, to jump and swim. In orange big letters it said "Dive down" or something along those lines. So I held my breath under water, fearing the wave was very big that it would sweep me away. It was really weird.

I am not really sure why I dreamed about a guy liking me. I guess it's because I still like the attention I get from guys even though I am not single, still. It's funny because I started summer class today, and I met this guy kind of similar looking to the guy in my dream. Either way, it was interesting to be at Iona and not to be at the same time. o.o For the last part of my dream, I felt like there was a direct reference to when I was a kid. (I also miss Greece and want to get a tan this summer!) As a kid, I used to play with the waves and such, and my brother had to save me twice by making me go underwater or else bad things could have happened so sometimes I get scared. It's random that this came into my dream, though. xD

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